Monday, September 25, 2017

USVI HUMANITARIAN MISSION Sponsored by Tropic Heat Studios founder Gigi de Lugo

Tropic Heat Studios, LLC in Nashville
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 9/25/17 5 pm CST -- 
This post will be updated with details and information about the Humanitarian Mission of  Emergency Food & other desperately needed items I'm sending to the USVI, including Solar Light with battery bank & USB charging !! (to charge a phone, tablet, etc !) [ see video at bottom of page ] I am the founder of
 Tropic Heat Studios, LLC , & am making this a long-term commitment for my company to be involved in this mission for my homeland. I think I have organized a way to accomplish that and to also serve families and communities here in the States as we all prepare for any potential emergencies, natural disasters, or even a few days of no power from a bad storm - we want to be prepared. If this experience has taught me anything - as I along with the rest of the world witnessed the historic magnitude of natural disasters affecting the United States, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands this month - it is that I want to be prepared as well as able to help others in harms way or those already suffering  ....if you saw the LIVE STREAM video on Facebook this morning and landed here -- This will be edited today as soon possible as I am running pretty flat-out at the moment. Please come back here and keep checking. A lot of information is in the first video below that was live streamed on Facebook this morning. Exactly how I envision us doing this - those are the details I need the brainpower to transcribe, and honestly, at this moment I need a bit of a breather before I do that. Thank you for your patience, and your prayers for all concerned. ~~ God Bless
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9/29/17 UPDATE